Announcement of the Candidates for 2007/2008 IEEE Nagoya Section Officers, Auditor and Executive Committee Members

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In accordance with the IEEE Nagoya Section Bylaws, we announce the candidacies of the following persons for the 2007/2008 IEEE Nagoya Section Officers, Auditor, and Executive Committee Members.

Candidate for Nagoya Section Officers and Auditor
Chair (Section Chair) Hitoshi Okubo Professor, Nagoya University
Vice Chair Kenji Nakayama Professor, Kanazawa University
Secretary Takeshi Furuhashi Professor, Nagoya University
Treasurerˇˇ Yukio Mizunoˇˇ Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Auditor Kunitoshi Nishikawa Operating Officer, Toyota Central R&D Laboratories

Candidate for Executive Committee Member (Standing Committee Chair)
Nominations Committee Chair Yasuro Hori Professor, Aichi Insitute of Technology
Membership Development Committee Chair Yoshihiko Kuwahara Professor, Shizuoka University
Technical Activities Committee Chair Shigeru Okabayashi Professor, Meijo University
Student Activities Committee Chair Nobuo Goto Associate Professor, Toyohashi University of Technology
Award Committee Chair Yasunori Kanamaru Professor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

If you would like to nominate someone other than those listed above, please submit your nomination along with the signatures of more than 2% of the Members (15 Members) to IEEE Nagoya Section Office by October 19, 2006. If there are additional candidate(s) nominated through the above-mentioned process, new Officers and Auditor, and Executive Committee Members will then be determined as a result of the membership voting. If only one nomination is made, the election will be made at the Annual Meeting.

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